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Quick Fixes

While you are working with the landlord and other tenants toward a smoke-free living space, you can take steps to cut down on the secondhand smoke seeping into your apartment, including:

Have your landlord improve the air filtration system by:
  Adding more fresh air intake into the ventilation system.
  Cleaning, changing or installing better filters in the ventilation system.
  Restricting the amount of air exhausted through the ventilation system from the residences of tenants who smoke.
Speak with smoking tenants and request that they smoke only near open windows and with enhanced air filtration (fans, etc.)
Have your landlord install door sweeps to keep out drifting smoke.
Request that maintenance be done and that all cracks that allow secondhand smoke seepage be filled or patched.
Request that the structural integrity of your residence be verified. Sometimes, structural weaknesses will allow secondhand smoke seepage.