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Myths Revealed

There is a lot of information out there about smoking and smokers rights. So much information, sometimes it is difficult to separate the myth from the truth. Here is the truth:

Myth 1: If I implement a smoke-free policy, I will lose money.
Actually, you can save money by implementing a smoke-free policy. You will reduce wear and tear, and save on cleaning and re-painting costs. In the U.S. in the year 2002 an estimated $926 million in damages occurred in apartment fires - of which cigarette smoking is the leading cause. (Source: NFPA Fire Analysis and Research; Fire Loss in the U.S. During 2002)
Myth 2: A smoke-free policy will alienate tenants. I will lose valuable residents.
In Michigan, 80-90% of voters in several counties support smoke-free legislation. According to a recent survey conducted in the Midwest, nearly 75% of renters would prefer to live in smoke-free apartments. Surveys taken in other parts of the country show a similar preference for smoke-free apartments. For example, in a 2003 survey in Washington state, two-thirds of renters surveyed preferred smoke-free housing. Eighty percent of Michigan renters do not smoke; currently most cannot find smoke-free apartments to rent. We can show you how to go smoke-free while keeping your existing smoking tenants happy too. (Source: Various surveys; see link to surveys below.)

A number of public opinion surveys have found that a significant majority of tenants support smoke-free apartment policies.

Myth 3: Enforcing a smoking ban would be too difficult.

Once you implement a policy, smoking will be so noticeable by other residents that you are likely to hear about it. Enforcing a smoking policy is a lot less of a headache than mediating disputes between smokers and non-smokers without a policy in place. You must be prepared to follow through with consequences; for example, two warnings, then termination of the lease.

Now that you know the facts, you may be ready for planning and communication tools that make going smoke-free easier.