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PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation on smoke-free environments issues is available for viewing, downloading and sharing with your tenants and employees.

Our intention is to enable you to utilize this existing slide presentation as it is, or to adapt it to meet your specific needs.

We want to help you make the transition to smoke-free living as smooth as possible. This presentation can be used to help you announce your smoke-free intentions to tenants and employees and to inform them of the very real risks secondhand smoke poses to their health.

Once they see the facts, they can see going smoke-free is a win-win change for the better.

In the first decade of the 21st century, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of smoke-free multi-unit dwellings. To discover what's happened and to learn more about why so many multi-unit housing owners -- both private and public -- have adopted smoke-free policies for their properties, view and download the PowerPoint presentation titled Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing: Changing the Landscape of Michigan & America. You can also view and download a pdf version.

You can access a number of additional informative PowerPoint presentations we have created that can be adapted for use with various audiences.