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Talking To Tenants

When you're talking about going smoke-free, it is best to have a clearly organized communication plan for talking to tenants.

We know you're busy operating your property, so here are some helpful tactics:

Establish when and where smoking is to occur. Post "Smoke-free" or "No Smoking" signs accordingly.
Decide if improvements need to be made to the existing building.
Make sure that you are familiar with all aspects of the new smoke-free lease language, especially covenants, conditions, or terms that may prohibit persons living in the building from engaging in disruptive behavior.
If there is a conflict between tenants, be open and understanding, but make sure that smokers know that, if necessary, you are willing to restrict or prohibit smoking in the building if he or she can not voluntarily solve the problem.
Host information sessions about the upcoming change. You can use the PowerPoint presentation provided to help tenants understand the new smoke-free policy.